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'Ebola' terrorises Riverton Residents

Published:Wednesday | May 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

SOME RESIDENTS of Riverton City in Western St Andrew are gripped with fear, terrified and tormented by a man who goes by the alias 'Ebola' and 'Bad', who in recent times, have allegedly carried out at least three brutal rapes of young girls in the community.

A reliable source who requested anonymity tells The Gleaner that in one incident, 'Ebola' gained entry by force into the home of a resident, took her teenaged daughter and raped her in proximity to her yard.

Riverton City residents are said to be increasingly fearful and have scaled down their activities at nights, including attending church services, to avoid any possible encounter with 'Ebola', whose real name is not known.

The residents have made an impassioned plea to the police for assistance, noting that Ebola usually surfaces at nights and carries out various criminal acts.

Sergeant Steve Mitchell of the Seaview Gardens Police Station told The Gleaner that the police have received reports that Ebola has raped three young girls in the community.

Residents protecting him

However, he said the residents have been shielding this criminal for sometime now. According to Mitchell, whenever the police are carrying out operations in Riverton City to capture Ebola, his cronies as well as other residents usually notify him that the lawmen had entered the community.

A senior officer at the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse yesterday told The Gleaner that the agency has received at least one report of a rape in Riverton City, allegedly committed by the notorious criminal.

The police report that the incidents of rape started recently, but noted that 'Ebola' is wanted for murder and shooting with intent.

"If we get the assistance from the community about this man - all it needs is a phone call. We have held meetings in the community. I have said you don't need to call anybody from Seaview (Police Station), you don't have to call anybody from Hunts Bay (Police Station), if you don't trust them, use 119, use 311, use 811, just give us the information and we will proceed," Mitchell appealed to the residents.

Mitchell said the police have been working extensively in the area in an attempt to track down and capture Ebola.