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Bad business - Police Clamping Down on Illegal Bars, shops

Published:Monday | June 8, 2015 | 5:25 PM
The police say this sign on bars will not work. Operators have to prove thet they are ligit.
A non-fee-paying hairdresser at work on the street.
Goods for sale, taking up much of the sidewalk downtown Kingston.
This furniture-making business takes place on the sidewalk on Waltham Park Road, Kingston.
A mechanic operating along Bayfarm Road in Kingston.
Soup is being served from this handcart, downtown Kingston.
Women get their pedicure done on the sidewalk, too. Here, nail technician is at work amid goods for sale, downtown, Kingston.
Tyre repairs is big business on many sidewalk including this one on Waltham Park Road in Kingston.
A food shop operator in Waterhouse cleans the entrance to her shop.

The police have ramped up their activities targeting bars that are operating illegally.

Superintendent Fitz Bailey told The Gleaner yesterday that the police have been taking action to address breaches of the law.

"Wherever the police identify breaches, we will take the appropriate action to deal with those breaches. For example, where we identify people operating illegal bars, we prosecute," he said.

recent raid

He disclosed that the police recently made a raid on illegal bars operating in August Town.

"We went to August Town and identified five such persons who were operating bars illegally and we took the appropriate action where they were issued with summonses to appear before the court," he said.

Bailey also told The Gleaner that the police have also been going after bars that have been using the licence intention notice as a guise.

"They use that sometimes as a guise, but we enquire when was the last time they made the application, so if they have not made an application for the next spirit licensing session, that is the basis on which we can prosecute. If they have an intention, they must show that intention by taking the steps to get the premises licensed," he added

Bailey indicated that up to last week, he was on the street with his team inspecting bars, clubs and other establishments that fall under his remit.

As it relates to other illegal business operating on sidewalks across the Corporate Area, such as garages, tyre shops, furniture stores, and even hairdressing businesses, Bailey said that he could not speak to these, as they were the responsibility of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC).

The Gleaner made enquiries of the KSAC but a response was not available up to press time.