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GSAT joy and sadness throughout the Corporate Area

Published:Thursday | June 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMRasheda Myles
Lauren Barrette gives the thumbs up for her perfect scores in the GSAT at Sts Peter and Paul Preparatory School.
Courtney Thomas (centre) being congratulated by his classmates at Mountain View Primary School in Kingston on his GSAT performance. Courtney is heading to Jamaica College.
Jubilant boys burst into excitement and loud cheers on receiving their GSAT results at Calabar Primary and Junior High School.
St George’s Girls’ School Vice-Principal Donna Lawson congratulates her students, who were all placed at traditional high schools.


Mountain View Primary School


It was a day of joy for some and a moment of disappointment for other students at primary and prep schools in the Corporate Area who received their Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) results yesterday.

Students at the Mountain View Primary School cried as they heard which schools they would be attending at the start of the upcoming school year.

One student, Courtney Thomas, did a victory dance as his fellow classmates surrounded him to celebrate his success.

"Mi a go a JC (Jamaica College), Miss," Thomas proudly told a Gleaner reporter.

Tears and smiles were affixed to the faces of many of his classmates, as more than half of them got placed at the high schools of their choice.

Students were placed at Jamaica College, Calabar High, St Andrew High for Girls, Holy Childhood High School and Kingston College.

One grade six teacher, Valrie Cunningham, was happy because her students had worked hard and got good results.

"It is encouraging to teachers to see that the students did very well because it was a lot of hard work we had to put in and, to see the results, I am elated," Cunningham said


Calabar Primary and Junior High School


It was a happy atmosphere as The Gleaner visited Calabar Primary and Junior High School.

Principal Raymond Munroe said he was pleased with the results and satisfied with the improvement in performace when compared with last year.

"The results are very good and quite overwhelming, as two students were placed at Campion College and another student was placed at Immaculate," Munroe said.

Munroe told The Gleaner that his students were improving, as this is the first he has had two students going to Campion College in the same year.


Sts Peter and Paul Preparatory School


At Sts Peter and Paul Preparatory School, students were also happy about receiving good results.

One student, Lauren Barrette, received a 100 per cent average and was placed at Campion College.

Lauren told The Gleaner that she was happy and surprised.

"I didn't think I did enough, but I tried my best," she said.

Principal Karen Siyanbola said more than 80 per cent of the students were placed at traditional high schools and got the schools of their choice.

"Only 15 students got placed at non-traditional high schools, and their averages would have played a part in their placement. Their average would range in the 70s and one student got in the 60s," Siyanbola said.





St George's Girls' Primary and Infant School


Students at the St George's Girls' Primary and Infant School were elated to be attending schools such as Campion College, Wolmer's, St Andrew High and Immaculate High.

There were a few disappointed students who were not placed at schools of their choice.

The Gleaner spoke to two students, Tiana White and Asherah Gibson, who said they were disappointed and sad because they worked really hard.

Acting Vice-principal Donna Lawson said some parents were unhappy on hearing where their children were placed.

"Parents are disgruntled because students are placed at schools far away from home, and they didn't get any of their five choices," Lawson said.