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James Welds Jr finds perfection in GSAT

Published:Thursday | June 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMBarrington Flemming
James Welds Jr (centre) is sandwiched by his teacher Theresa Morgan-Williams (left) and his mother Kenesha Welds.


James Welds Jr of Corinaldi Avenue Primary School in Montego Bay was among the elite group of students to attain perfection in the 2015 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), scoring a 100 per cent average in the five disciplines which make up the annual examination.

The unassuming James, who was quite elated on hearing his results, will attend the school of his choice - Cornwall College - come September.

"When I heard the results, I was as proud as a peacock and my classmates all gathered around and congratulated me," said James when The Gleaner visited him at his school yesterday.


The fact that James did not attend any additional classes, but simply spent his time studying at home, seems even more remarkable.

"When I get home after school, I would do my chores, then I study for two hours, and then would have dinner and go back to study until about 10 o'clock, and then go to bed," said James. "Mommy bought two test books; and every evening she made me do a test from the books."

James' teacher, Theresa Morgan-Williams, was also overjoyed by his excellent performance, and attributed his success to his dedication.

"I am overjoyed and happy for all the students who did so well ... . James is quiet, hard-working and is a dedicated child ... . He loves to read; he takes time out to read, and is generally by himself reading. Even when the others are talking, he is reading," said Morgan-Williams.

While noting that his favourite subject is social studies, James said he did not find any subject difficult in the examinations.

"I used to find science a bit challenging because I did not know how machines work, but Daddy helped me and it's no longer a problem," said the youngster, who aspires to become a high-ranking army officer or a professional footballer.