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Published:Thursday | July 16, 2015 | 5:26 PM


At the end of Phase II, the following was achieved:

n Murder rate in CSJP's eight targeted parishes declined 43 per cent versus 35 per cent nationally.

n 44.1 per cent of CSJP community residents responded that crime decreased in their community in the past five years, versus 27.5 per cent of residents from other communities (MNS/CSJP Community Survey 2013)

n 69.1 per cent of CSJP vocational training participants said they were "significantly" less likely to become involved in crime and violence.

n Capacity of community organisations working on crime prevention had increased to 35 out of the 45 Community Action Committees that had achieved benevolent society status

n Of residents who were aware of CSJP operating in their communities, 73.8 per cent felt the programme had reduced crime in their neighbourhood

n 79.6 per cent felt it had made their community a better place to live and approximately 80.4 per cent of residents in CSJP communities deemed their communities safe for residents and visitors

n Neighbourhoods gained 'stability', as 80 per cent of residents have been residing within their community for ten years or more. In non-CSJP communities (control group) it is 51.8 per cent