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My brother was stressed out; felt unappreciated

Published:Wednesday | July 29, 2015 | 6:35 PMTamara Bailey

Newport, Manchester:

The quiet community of Inverness in Manchester was Tuesday evening shaken after word of the death of Corporal Tyrone Thompson got out. The wail of his brother, Terrence Thompson, who found him, lying in a pool of blood, signalled that something had gone horribly wrong and the residents were left wondering what could have caused this.

"My brother has been going through some stress because he applied for transfer to Malvern because he's paying mortgage for a house there and that was from 2013. He rented a house in Mandeville because he says

he can't manage the travelling back and forth to Four Paths (Clarendon) ... he hasn't been getting through and he kept complaining about it. He kept saying he's not being appreciated by his superiors at his station," Terrence said.

He added, "He kept complaining about it and I tried to talk to him. He went to Area 3 headquarters and spoke to somebody to get it sorted out and he didn't get any reply, so I don't know if that is why he, I don't even know ... "

Terrence Thompson, who is also a corporal in the police force, expressed that he tried to counsel his brother but never imagined this outcome.

"I spoke with him yesterday and he sounded so stressed and he said he wasn't going to work today (Wednesday) because today is when his leave would end. He said he was just tired. I talked to him, and him call me and me try counsel him but is like him just take it to heart ... . But I didn't know he would do this."

brother's scream

Not hearing from his brother, Terrence travelled to his home and realised the door was bolted from the inside; he took out the windows and climbed inside only to see his brother lying lifeless.

Among those in shock and disbelief was the closest neighbour to the corporal.

"He was a quiet person, but he always came down to check up on my grandmother who happens to be his landlord ... . I was in complete shock when I heard his brother scream out, and realising what had happened made it even worse. I still can't believe and neither can my grandmother."

Tyrone Thompson, whose parents are originally from St Elizabeth, wanted more than ever to move to his home in Malvern so he could be able to save more and be comfortable.