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Gleaner family mourns passing of photojournalist Winston Sill

Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Gleaner photojournalist Winston Sill has died.

Sill died in hospital yesterday after a period of illness.

He was 73.

"Sill’s passing is a real loss to The Gleaner’s editorial department and by extension the thousands of people who would have waited daily to see his images in print and online," said Editor-in-Chief Garfield Grandison.

Sill, who joined The Gleaner as a Freelance Photographer on August 1, 1991, primarily shot social pictures for The Gleaner and was the man behind the camera for THE STAR’s poster girl feature.

"During his 24 years working with The Gleaner, Sill became very well known on the social circuit and earned the respect of many, including his peers," Grandison added.

Anthony O'Gilvie, Manager of Human Resources and Administration at The Gleaner Company, said he was shocked to hear of the passing of Sill.

O'Gilvie said he spent time with Sill in the hospital on Thursday and they spoke about his planned surgery which was scheduled for Monday of next week.

O'Gilvie said he and Sill shared a light moment as he wished him a successful surgery and speedy recovery. "His passing is therefore a shock to me," added the Human Resources and Administration Manager.

One of Sill’s nieces, Astrid Cooper, recalled how much he lived for the moment when he could capture an arresting image.

Sill was the father of three children: Winsome, Irvin and Garth.

Outpouring on social media

Twitter and Facebook were inundated yesterday with a flood of reactions to the passing of Winston Sill. The Gleaner shares come of these comments.

Novia McDonald Whyte, journalist
@StyleONMW RIP Winston Sill... will miss you x

Carole Beckford, Film Commissioner
@carolebeckford RIP, Winston Sill, one of the photographers at the Gleaner I have interacted with over the years. He was a really cool man!

Belinda Williams, Corporate Communications head, NCB
@belwill1989 Will surely miss the great Winston Sill a giant in heart and might. RIP shared loss with my Gleaner team @JamaicaGleaner

Tyrone Wilson, CEO eMedia Interactive
@CallTyrone_W I got the opportunity to interact with Winston Sill while I was a Youth Link writer. A man who took absolute pride in his work. #RIP

Rodney Campbell, actor
@rodneytwit Winston Sill the man I called "Window Sill" for 20 of the nicest human beings right across media RIP boss

GraceKennedy Group
@GraceKennedyGrp Sad to hear of Winston Sill's passing. Rest In Peace,Winston. Our condolences to his relatives, friends and family @JamaicaGleaner.

Camille Taylor, media practitioner
@Camille_T I always liked working with Winston Sill, both as a reporter and as a Corporate Communication practitioner. RIP.

Zadie Neufville, media practitioner
@zpnine Sad week for the fraternity. RIP Sill, you will be missed

Greg Christie, former Contractor General
@Greg0706 Saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Mr Sill. We spoke as recent as July 2 at a function. May his soul RIP.

Samantha Strachan, singer
My Heart is SO heavy!!! He's been photographing me from I was 10 years old! I'll miss seeing him! My heart realllllly feel this one. #RIPsigh you will be missed

Joel Finnigen, Photographer
A veteran in the media photography field passes. Condolences.

Candice Buchanan, media practitioner
R.I.P I don't think there is a media person in JA who doesn't love this man. Sad day. I do hope he felt appreciated while he was with us. Too often we wait till it's too late to show people how much they meant to us or the impact they had on our lives. I hope the Gleaner showed him their appreciation for his years of service.#sad #wondrtfulman #Godbless

Sadeke Brooks, journalist
I'm certainly a hard nut to crack, but hearing that Mr Sill died certainly moved me. From the very first day I started my internship at The Gleaner many years ago he was there. And he was still there for most of my entertainment assignments over the years. There was an age gap, but we definitely shared some good laughs... walk good yaa mi parrie... I will miss you.