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Ready, set, go! - Manchester schools preparing for the new year

Published:Thursday | August 13, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey


While some schools may be experiencing a few glitches weeks ahead of the beginning of the new school year, the general consensus among principals in the parish signals that plans are well under way for September 4.

Arnaldo Allen, principal of the New Forest Primary and Junior High School, said the institution is currently being repainted.

"We are on our way and things are looking good. In addition to repainting we are also acquiring furniture for our science lab and the ministry has been crucial in that aspect ... . We are happy for the progress and we are looking forward to the new school year.


drought conditions


For Allen, the ongoing drought has not been a problem and water has always been at the school due to the presence of a water tank but, on the contrary, principal of Crosskeys High, Ralph Nelson, said his institution has been hampered by the drought conditions.

"Generally speaking, all plans are in place to ensure a smooth beginning for the new school year, but the drought has now caused us to be in preparation mode for purchasing water. Normally, by this time of the year our catchment tanks would have water, but now it's not so and we will need to buy it. We will also be securing independent tanks that will control the usage of the water."

Understanding the importance of proper preparation, Principal of the Victoria Town Primary School Tanya Dixon said all was being taken care of.

"With the kind assistance of friends of the school, we have been repairing several pieces of school furniture but more importantly, we have been maintaining and sanitising the grounds of the school ... our catchment tank is intact and operational and all else is being taken care of."