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‘We deserve another chance’

Published:Saturday | September 26, 2015 | 12:00 AMAndrae Blair

For the past approximately 40 years, Jamaica has grown and developed at a pace of an average one per cent per year.

From all objective views and analyses, that level of growth and development is inadequate.

However, over the last four years of the current People's National Party (PNP) administration, we have seen a government that has demonstrated that it has the political will and the testicular fortitude necessary to take the tough decisions that have been required for many years to set the firm economic foundation necessary for us to attain the levels of accelerated growth and development that we all want to see.

The PNP Government has embarked on a structural adjustment programme that has resulted in a significant decline in our debt stock and our debt-to-GDP ratio. This has resulted in a reduction in the percentage of revenue, which will be dedicated to debt servicing, thus increasing the amount available to spend on social, infrastructural, and other development programmes.

We have witnessed the creation of an environment in which interest rates have trended down, which is a positive sign for the encouragement of the productive sector. We have witnessed the annualised rate of inflation at the lowest it has been in 43 years.

We have also witnessed the creation of an environment in which business and consumer confidence are on the increase, and it is generally accepted that there has been an increase in the ease of doing business.


developmental crossroads


In essence, at this juncture, Jamaica is at a developmental crossroads, and the fundamental question we all need to ask ourselves is, Which of the two major political parties has demonstrated, through their actions, in their most recent terms in office, that they have the ability to build on the foundation that has been laid to take us on to attain the accelerated growth and development we all desire?

If we are to make an objective analysis, all the evidence will indicate that it is the PNP that has taken the decisions necessary to strengthen the foundations of our economy so as to enable it to attain accelerated levels of growth of development.

It is, therefore, clear for all Jamaica to see that the PNP is equipped and able at this point in time to develop and implement the practical solutions that are going to accrue the economic, social, and political benefit of the vast majority of Jamaica's people.

The PNP is dedicated to a process of people-centred development, and we are confident that having placed the people at the centre of our developmental objectives, the people of Jamaica are going to reward the PNP with a resounding victory whenever the next election is called.

- Andrae Blair is the president of the PNP Youth Organisation (PNPYO).


Editor's Note:

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young, professional arm of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), was invited to submit an article stating why the JLP should be elected; however, up to press time yesterday, none had been received.