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Vox Pop: What Would You Tell Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller to do About Child Murders?

Published:Monday | October 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Danielle Ricketts
Alex Clarke
Ajani Hickling
Amir Clarke
Sontae Reid
Shayne Brown

Vox Pop:

What would you tell Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to do about child murders?

The murders of 50 children since the start of the year have disturbed students at the St Andrew Preparatory School who want urgent action to be taken to deal with the problem. The Gleaner spoke with grade six students at the school to find out what they would tell Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to do about child murders if they had an audience with her.

Danielle Ricketts:

You need to try a little harder to make the murder of children less.

Alex Clarke:

If you really love the children, you should put that effort with the police. We need to push that effort, especially in the rural areas. We can hear the gunshots, you hear it on the news and everything, and it's just so sad and depressing, so we need to make a better effort to stop the murder of our children.

Ajani Hickling:

I would tell the prime minister to put more effort into protecting children because they are focusing on other things but they should be focusing more on the child murders. Most of the time the focus is on economics or sports or those things, but they should be focusing more on the children, because the children are the new generation, they will be the new adults and the new prime ministers when they grow up. But if they get murdered that young, they won't become adults.

Amir Clarke:

I would say to her, please put a stop this, because it's breaking the generation of families, so you need to do more to keep the children safe.

Sontae Reid:

I would tell her to upgrade the police officers because some of the police officers are murdering kids and they need to do proper background checks, because they are hiring them because they look buff and fit, but you need police officers who know that their job is to protect the future, and that is children.

Shayne Brown:

I would say that this is not going to be good for mankind because the children are the future of Jamaica and the world, so she should try to put a stop to the murders.