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Audit shows handwashing is not enforced in Intensive Care Unit

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department

- Overall, the A&E Department appeared to be clean, well-organised and non-cluttered

- The containers with the cleaning agents are not labelled

- The cleaning methods do not conform to standards, and schedules are not documented

- Job descriptions are to be prepared and given to all staff on recruitment

- Staff need to be made familiar with the mass-casualty plan and the plan should be tested at least once per year

- Additional wheelchairs are needed in the department, as patients sent to the wards for admission tend to remain in the wheelchairs until a bed is allocated, effectively reducing the number of wheelchairs available for use

- Additional stretchers are also needed

- The patient lavatories lack seats, toilet tissue and hand-drying facilities. It was reported that the toilets tend to be damaged by the patients. As such, a system of securing the facilities needs to be implemented, while ensuring infection prevention and control is maintained

- A system is needed for the monitoring of the usage of drugs and supplies in order to prevent stock-outs

- The development of a portering procedure manual and training are essential to ensure the safe transportation and handling of patients


Intensive Care Unit

- The blood gas machine is non-functional

- Handwashing is not enforced. Hand sanitiser is rarely being used and there are no handwashing guidelines above the stations

- The microbiologist does not visit for regular checks to review the microbial profile and therapy with staff

- Containers for the collection of trapped sputum are absent. There are no containers available

- Additional examination lamps are required


Operating Theatre Suite

- The operating theatre (OT) doors all need to be repaired or replaced

- The light in Operating Theatre 1 is pale, while there are missing bulbs in Operating Theatre 2. The light in Operating Theatre 3 is in need of repairs

- Handwashing reminders are required

- The central air-conditioning unit is out of service and the split air-conditioning units fluctuate in function

- Cracks in the floor of the operating rooms may lead to breaches in infection control

- Ceiling tiles in the scrub areas are discoloured or missing