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No beds in Recovery Room at National Chest Hospital

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
National Chest Hospital
The Victoria Jubilee Hospital
Bustamante Hospital for Children


Operating Theatre

- The recovery room has no beds

- The operating theatre doors all need to be repaired or replaced

- The theatre lighting is dull in intensity

- The disposal of waste needs to be revised in order to conform to the standards

- A new supply of theatre clothes needs to be procured. A number of the current ones are riddled with holes

- Face masks are not being worn in the operating room

- Handwashing reminders are required

- The bed in the storage room is to be removed and placed elsewhere.



Maternity/Obstetrics Unit

- The cleaning materials and methods do not conform to the Ministry of Health (MOH) standards

- The labour and delivery suite need to have dedicated janitors. There are confidentiality and privacy issues

- More oxygen cylinders are required for the wards and the cylinders that exist need to be anchored to prevent injury to staff and patients in the event of a mishap

- There is one resuscitaire in the delivery room. On occasions, more than one child has to be on the tray

- There is one foetal monitor, which has to be shared by mothers in the first-stage room

- There is one pulse-oximeter for the entire Labour and Delivery Suite

- Adequate wheelchairs are in the labour and delivery suite, but there are no dedicated stretchers

- New delivery beds have been acquired. However, the upper two-thirds of these beds have mattresses which are fixed and, therefore, are unable to be adequately cleaned. Macintoshes are required to cover and protect these new beds

- There are no permanent screens in the first-stage room, and in a case where a delivery is imminent, there is no possibility of privacy. Addition mobile screens are necessary

- There are no emergency buzzers or any form of communication for the patients to alert the clinical staff. Shouting is the mode of alert

- The sluice room is in a terrible condition. The sink is inappropriate, the ceiling is non-existent, and the whole room is grimy. Urgent refurbishment is necessary

- Buckets are being used as sharps containers

- Fire drills are not being done. A number of areas have fire extinguishers

- There are a number of small items of equipment and supplies which are in short supply:

i) Kidney dishes, forceps

ii) Foetal stethoscopes, kockers forceps

iii) Cord scissors, cord clamps

iv) Thermometers, episiotomy scissors

v) Supplies of enema

vi) Linen


Neonatal Nursery

- There is no cleaning schedule available

- The cleaning materials and methods do not conform to the MOH standards

- There was no copy of the Health Facility Infection prevention and control manual

- The inventory for the equipment is kept solely by the maintenance unit

- There is no system to monitor the usage pattern of essential drugs and supplies

- There is no auditing process in place

- Staff are unaware of the client complaint mechanism

- No death review meetings are held

- There is a shortage of sharps containers

- There is one physiological monitor for the entire unit

- There are three suction machines - none is functional. One portable unit is being shared among babies

- The fire exit needs a ramp to facilitate the easy removal of cots and equipment in an emergency. Currently, there is only the stairway.




Accident and Emergency Department

- Cleaning procedures and methods are not in accordance with standards

- Chemicals are not labelled and need to be stored away from the children

- Medical records are not being completed according to standards

- The audit noted that the patients' lavatories are immaculate.


Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

- The central AC unit is defunct. Three split units are being used

- There is no ICU Policy and Procedures Manual available within the unit

- There are no dedicated ICU beds. The beds from the wards are being used. These, however, are not able to be tilted and have the necessary changeable positions for efficient patient care and resuscitation

- The storage area is congested with the same room serving for counselling, lunchroom, overnight room, meetings and storage

- There is no changing room or shower for staff

- Lockers are needed for staff to keep their personal items

- Containers for the collection of trapped sputum are not available

- Monitors are old and at times unreliable

- Additional back-up ventilators are needed