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Political suss

Published:Friday | November 13, 2015 | 2:41 PM

Political suss

1 The trumpet is cleaned, oiled, and ready, but it appears that there are some in the party who are telling PSM that this is the wrong time to blow it. While some in the party are impatient for her to name the date and get it done before Christmas, others are saying 'let's wait until early next year'. When it will be, only PSM knows for sure.

2 Who would have thought that three weeks ago, they were not going to sit in the same room, but now, the push for power sees them sharing one chalice at Belmont Road. It's an election breeze that blows no ill wind.

3 Some are saying that the man in the St Andrew hills deserves to lose his seat, but his best guarantee of a win is the presence of the political virgin sprinting on a JLP ticket without much support from party central which just does not have the money to help her.

4 Could the contractor general force the PNP to look for a new candidate in that safe seat? Word is that one close to the boss has been having fainting spells since she saw the info that the OCG has gathered. There might be nothing pointing directly to the leader, but those close to her could poison the waters, and some Comrades in the constituency would shed no tears.