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Political Suss

Published:Friday | December 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

1 Did he really boast that he taped the meeting with the party's top brass? Is that the real reason why his victory in the run-off came to nothing and he has found himself left off the party's ticket a second time around?

2 Only a political novice would bet his house on a victory over someone who heads the place where juicy tickets can be given to disgruntled supporters and where a clear path can be created for those long-suffering Comrades.

3 Persons in orange have been seen in church praying that the touch from the Master comes before the touch from the man doing the probe because that could put pain to the fortunes of a no-longer-favourite one and further hurt the party at the polls.

4 There is absolutely no truth that he pulled out of the race before it started because he was afraid of the lady. The truth is that he was the man from the bar, was never cut out for representational politics, and could get no traction in a constituency where he needed to walk the fields with the rural folk and go into the ghettos with the dons.

5 Since the surprise announcement of the new candidate, some have been jumping for joy, or, as they say on the streets, they have been enjoying a shocking vibes because they know that the lady was the general on the streets in the last election, and with her now busy in the east, 1,000 votes should be nothing to overcome.