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Don't mail your money! Postal service cautions Jamaicans about putting valuables through the system

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 11:55 AMCorey Robinson

Jamaicans living overseas continue to send money to their relatives locally through the postal service, even though the money might never reach as customs officers could confiscate it or corrupt employees might steal it.

"It is written in our many articles, on our website, any post office you use; we recommend that you do not send valuables, especially money, through the postal system.

"We do not recommend it and the word is that persons should stop," said Kathy-Ann Yetman, public relations officer at Jamaica Post.

Yetman said that despite continued public sensitisation efforts, Jamaicans, especially the elderly, continue to find ingenious methods to hide and send money to Jamaica through the postal service.

She said this is of particular concern at this time with the implications of the illicit lottery scam, where foreigners are duped into sending money to Jamaicans.

"It is unsafe because in some instances these funds can end up missing, and in other instances, because of the lottery scamming thing, you will find that Customs hold on to the money based on the amount of cash or if it looks suspicious in any way," said Yetman.

"From our experience, we would say that the money is being sent by the older people, either because of the cost or they are not familiar with the money-transfer services. But Jamaicans locally must persuade relatives abroad not to send money through the post," she said.


According to postal workers at the Central Sorting Office, Jamaicans living overseas employ some of the most crafty tactics when sending money to Jamaica in parcels from overseas.

"One time we get a package and it stated that there were clothes, some other stuff and money inside of it. When the officers searched through the entire package they couldn't find the money anywhere," said the employee.

"Is when they run it through the scanning machine now they see the money fold up tight and bury deep down in the sole of one of the shoes. You definitely would have to know where it is in order to find it," added the employee.