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New hope - Jamaicans look forward to shedding old, donning new

Published:Thursday | December 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Patricia McDonald
Horace Hall
Nickesha Briscoe
Loxanne Matterson
Judian Moore
Aldane Walters
Lloyd Watson
Hopeton Wright
Luke Fearon
Nordia Dyer
Shanike Beckford
Amoy Francis
Nigel Turne
Danese Barnett

Someone once said a new year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. Arguably, truer words have never been said. But as sure as two and two makes four, each year, practically everyone makes new year's resolutions they hope they will stick to this time around.

Well, for this New Year, whether it's improving their Christian life, eating healthier, being more financially responsible, or just enjoying life more, Jamaicans from across the island have something they plan to do differently for 2016.

They share what they plan to leave behind in the old year and adopt for the new.




Patricia McDonald

I plan to let go of meat and go vegetarian. Differently, I plan to put God first in everything I do.

Horace Hall

I plan to give up the bad diet and look forward to improving my diet in the coming year. What I plan to do different is look for wider business ventures to see how best I can move forward.

Nickesha Briscoe

For 2016, I would like to let go of the sinful life and become a Christian. And I want a difference in my finances. I want to become more financially independent.




Loxanne Matherson

I plan to let go of procrastination and laziness. I also plan to strengthen my faith in God and not allow the adversaries of life to depress me.

For 2016, I want to put my all into everything I do and chase my dreams full speed. I used to waste time but not anymore. I used to be depressed about obstacles, but now I pray and God helps me to get over them.

I guess you could say optimism is my goal. I want to be positive and optimistic.

Judian Moore

I need to get rid of procrastination ... duh dat nufffffff! And I plan on getting more serious and determined about my future. No more idling.

Aldane Walters

I plan to become more organised for the New Year. I am involved in a lot of things and so to ensure that everything is done effectively, I must start writing things down and organising properly.

I plan to let go of that nagging fear of going for what I want. It's being bold and growth for 2016. The time for being reserved has passed. I will go for all I want with all I got.




Lloyd Watson

I really want to cut back on my social habits because it is very difficult to sustain a social life in Jamaica. I intend to work on my finances in the New Year.

Hopeton Wright

I cannot think of anything I want to let go of for 2016, but in terms of what I want to do differently, I plan to work hard on my Christian faith and to pay more attention to my pest-control and carpet-care business.




Nordia Dyer

I plan to work harder and continue making money. I also want to minimise the amount of bills I will be paying in 2016 so I will be putting a few strategies in place to achieve this. Cost of living too high.


Dei-Rasi Freckleton

I plan to let go of the number of times I eat daily. I also plan to give up the amount of fast food I am eating.

What I plan to do differently for 2016 is to live healthier and be a greater ambassador of Jamaica's millennium vision.

I also plan to spend more time with my son, Joshua.

Eric Bryan

I plan to let go of all the unnecessary spending I have been doing. Sometimes I buy stuff that I don't really need. For 2016, what I will be doing differently is to ensure that I am more conscious about the things I do.

Before, I always make new year's resolutions and never keep them. This year, I will be changing that.

Natoiya Aiken-Taylor

Come 2016, I plan to let go of anger, hatred, malice, and hypocrisy. I have a lot of anger in me and I will not be taking that over into the New Year.

I definitely plan on doing things differently in 2016. I want to change the way I live with my family. I will be spending more quality time with family, friends, and the Lord.

Venecia Smith

In 2016, I want to live my life happier and be closer to God. I will be attending more Bible study and prayer meetings at church.

For the New Year, I want to let go of the negative things that make me unhappy.

Shanike Beckford

For 2016, I want to allot more time to my studies (labour and employment relations) because I am always swatting and catching up at the last minute. Therefore, for the coming year, I want to be able to better manage my time, so I will definitely desist from spending so much of my time on social media.

Amoy Francis

For 2016, I want to enrol in college to pursue a degree in medicine - my lifelong dream. And for 2016, I want to drop my 'yes-man' disposition and be more assertive (smile).

Xavia Harris

For 2016, I want to turn over my life to God, something I wanted to do for a long time. And for 2016, I want to drop my life of sin and overall negative behaviour.




Nigel Turner

I think I'm still procrastinating too much, and though I've accomplished many things, it could have been more.

For the New Year, I'm going to listen more to the Lord's leading, and I'm sure things will work out great.

Alicea James

I'm not a fan of the clichÈ new year's resolutions list, but I do plan to let go of self-doubt and negative energy.

What I plan to do differently is make use of daily affirmations. They can do wonders to uplift the spirit.

Danese Barnett

I plan to let go the 30 pounds I gained in 2015.

In 2016, I will find that spark to make life more fulfilling.