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Published:Thursday | February 18, 2016 | 1:24 PM
Agent Sasco
Professor Nuts
Dr Leahcim Semaj, psychologist at the Gleaner's Editor's Forum.

Trevor Munroe

Executive director of National Integrity Action

"I am calling for a peaceful election because the opposite of that can only be disastrous. Jamaica is poised, at a place in time, where we have to forget about that and talk about unifying the country and moving towards genuine development. There is nothing to gain from violence, harsh words, unnecessary criticism, and derogatory remarks to other people."

Dr Leachim Semaj

Consultant psychologist

and founder of the Job Bank

"Jamaica is a name-brand. Jamaica is a big player in the world, and the world is watching us. We have a responsibility to be an example to the rest of the world. We have nothing to gain by resorting to violence and letting the world laugh at us."

Janet Farr

President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica

"I would like to appeal to our fellow Jamaicans and politicians to try as far as possible to have a peaceful election. There is really no need for us to be fighting and carrying on. It's not beneficial at all, particularly to the health sector."

Professor Nuts

Dancehall entertainer and comedian

"I, Professor Nuts, am appealing to all the arrogant and ignorant people out there who have a mentality of disrupting the peace, please desist from violence immediately! Let this election run peacefully!"

Fae Ellington

Veteran broadcaster and lecturer at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication

"On the night of February 25, one party will be victorious. During the days leading up to then, there will be campaigning by both parties, and that's okay. There will be campaigning with energy, with strength, with excitement and enthusiasm, but do so in a peaceful manner."

Bishop Dr Gary Welsh

Assistant commissioner of police in charge of community safety and security

"There is nothing more beneficial than to have peace, and so I'm making a passionate appeal to my fellow Jamaicans not to do anything irrational now that we will have to repair after the election."

Jeffery Campbell (Agent Sasco/Assassin)

Dancehall entertainer

"It looks like we already graduated from that kind of situation where elections are not peaceful, so I ask the masses to keep it same way."