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Leaders weigh in on Cabinet

Published:Tuesday | March 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Metry Seaga
Dr Myrton Smith
Everton Hannam

Metry Seaga, president of the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association

The Cabinet has a good mix of youth and experience. However, I think everybody needs to be judged on their own merit. We have worked closely with Minister (Karl) Samuda in the past and we hope that we will continue to have a good relationship and work well together for the ultimate goal, which is growth. We were a little surprised when we saw agriculture and industry fused as one. Upon reflection, however, we understand why that would be so. The truth is, we have done agriculture a certain way in the past, and I think the plan with this merger is to bring agriculture into the industry component, not just the farming aspect. We are willing to give everybody a chance and we hope that ministers are ready to give of their best. We pledge to work with the Government in ensuring that Jamaica is the winner at the end of the day.

Dr Myrton Smith, Medical Association of Jamaica

The Medical Association of Jamaica would like to congratulate Dr Christopher Tufton on his appointment as minister of health. We remain committed to working with him in the interest of the citizens of Jamaica. We have always maintained that the main role of the MAJ is to protect the profession of medicine in Jamaica and while this often involves working for the interests of doctors, it frequently involves being advocates for the people of Jamaica. We have been in dialogue with previous ministers of health in devising policies that seek to improve the health care of our citizens. It is our hope and expectation that Minister Tufton will continue these discussions with our members, as well as with other key stakeholders in health. We also hope that he will continue to drive public-private partnerships as a means of advancing health care.

Everton Hannam, president of the National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica

First, we want to extend our congratulations to the newly appointed minister of education, youth and information. We remain optimistic as we go forward. I know he would understand the importance of parents being a critical component of education and we feel confident that he will zoom in on issues of parenting. The fact that he is a trained educator signals the kind of relationship that we, the NPTAJ, will build with him being minister. We are seeking to have an early audience with him to bring to the fore his take on the issue of corporal punishment, because we believe it's something we have to address.