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More skills training, music, arts, civics needed in school says 16-y-o

Published:Thursday | April 14, 2016 | 12:06 PM

Sixteen-year-old Westwood High School student Shukura Wallen says that the Ministry of Education should introduce more skills training in schools and also place more emphasis on music and the arts at that level.

"In this day and age, white collar jobs and careers are desired by almost all students, however, not all of these students will obtain these jobs after completing school. I believe that the Government should implement skills training, music, and theatre arts into the curriculum of more schools," Wallen suggested.

The student, who will sit her CSEC examinations later this year, believes that this would ensure that each student got a fair chance to participate in something that he enjoyed or was capable of.

"The Government needs to inform students and parents of the importance of visual and performing arts. We are in the 21st century, where technology changes almost at the speed of light, and areas in technology such as robotics should be introduced in most schools."

Wallen also would like to see the Government put civics in the curriculum of all schools.

Additionally, she wants the Government to put an end to streaming, a process wherein students are placed in a class based on their 'presumed' capabilities.

"This affects students considered to be slow learners when they are placed in a class with other slow learners. These classes are usually large and teachers do not have the time to help everyone with everything, so most students will not receive the attention they need. If the class was mixed with slow students and bright students, then the brighter ones could assist the slower ones when the teacher is unable to do so."

- C.G.