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Slain businessman described as angel on Earth

Published:Tuesday | April 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The entrance to Meikle's Blockmaking Company, where there was an absence of the usual laughter caused by Trevor Meikle's witty comments.

Spur Tree, Manchester:

The usual rounds of laughter that would erupt from the lounge area during breaks at Meikle's Blockmaking Company, as a result of the witty comments made by its owner, Trevor Meikle, were absent yesterday as the sadness on the faces of workers, family, and friends reflected the tragic loss of a loved one.

Holding dear to the memories that linger is the coping mechanism used by the Meikle family as they grieve the loss of a husband, father, brother, and friend.

Meikle, 76, was robbed, shot and killed on Sunday night in the Ingleside community after transporting his daughter from the airport, along with his wife and grandson.

Both his wife and daughter were robbed but were unharmed.

The Manchester police have theorised the motive as robbery and are on the hunt for suspects.

"He was a caring husband. He took great care of his family. He was a family man, he was a great friend, and a man of God ... ," said his wife of 55 years, Enid.

"When I sat at the table this morning and I realised he wasn't sitting beside me and his place mat was empty, I screamed."

She continued: "My husband was everything to me. He took me to the hairdresser, came back for me, brought me to the supermarket, waited ... . I have a bad shoulder and every morning he would help me with putting on my shoes, my necklace ... . He was just a loving husband, and it will be hard to cope, but I have the support of my friends, my family and my minister who has not left me out."

A man who was true to his word and honoured commitments made to others will no longer be able to transport members of his family to their destinations, a task he cherished.

"My father made it his duty to pick me up from, and take me to, the airport every time I travelled ... . He was like a god, he had no faults. Everything about him was exceptional," said his daughter, Marcia, who witnessed his death.

She added: "Every Sunday, Dad would take his family and some friends out to have dinner, no matter where they wanted to go. He would take them there and take them back home."


Among those whose words became inaudible as tears flowed were individuals he spent years of his life with at a company he operated for some 40 years, his beloved employees.

"Mr Meikle was like a father to me. He was kind and genuine. He never raised his voice. He was easygoing but not a pushover ... ," said Theisha Bennett, who had been Meikle's secretary for the past four years.

"Every morning I would open his door and say, 'Good morning,' and when I came in this morning, I pushed the door, said, 'Good morning', but there was no response. I stood by his chair and cried. I'll never have a boss like him."

Meikle's dear friend, Ivor Wong, said there would never be another man in this lifetime who could be described as having every good attribute that exists.

A man who was known to assume the role as guarantor for students seeking loans, granting tuition fees, collecting donations for the medical treatment of several persons, paying expenses for funeral arrangements of those who couldn't afford it and giving of himself without reservation is said to have lived a full life, impacting many hearts with his positive deeds.