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How the con was done

Published:Tuesday | April 19, 2016 | 11:21 PMChristopher Serju

The two so-called Italian men who turned up one afternoon at the offices of Original Bamboo Factory with two so-called name-brand chainsaws selling at rock bottom prices had a very convincing story. According to them, after conducting a series of seminars and workshops on industrial equipment in Jamaica, they had some leftover machines on their hands which they were desperately looking to unload, in a bid to avoid the hassle and additional cost associated with taking the excess baggage back home.

Managing director of Original Bamboo Factory, John Hamilton, remembers the day very well. Given the remote location of the company in Caymanas Estate, St Catherine, he was surprised the visitors had been able to find their way. It wasn't so hard, the duo explained, having gotten directions and assistance from the locals.

After explaining that their trip was in vain because most of the bamboo was supplied to the factory, the businessman began to feel a little bit bad for the visitors who had come all this way for nothing.

very expensive

"They were leaving that evening and would have to pay duty on the two chainsaws, which didn't make any sense, and they used the same parts as the Delta chainsaw," Hamilton shared with The Gleaner on Tuesday.

"I wasn't actually buying so I wasn't really that involved in it, but I was trying to help them get rid of them and help someone who wanted a chainsaw at a good price. Chainsaws are very expensive these days."

It was for all these reasons that Leroy Aiken, the unfortunate buyer, jumped at the opportunity to invest in the equipment his boss told him about, although he had no immediate need.

"I never use a saw from I bawn but Johnny say the man have two a sell and ask if me would buy one. Me tell him yea because if me have suppen a cut down or so me would just have it handy fi use," Aiken disclosed.

To date he has not tested the equipment, lacking the knowledge to operate it.

Now, having spoken to the management of Delta Supply Co. Ltd, Hamilton regrets his efforts at trying to help the hapless foreigners.

"We were fooled by these white men from Italy, foreigners. Completely fooled us," Hamilton lamented.