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Cops did their best to restrain woman - INDECOM

Published:Monday | July 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross

Deputy Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, has said that based on the cell-phone footage of the police attempting to arrest a woman who firmly resisted the officers, the lawmen were doing their best to restrain her.

He said that INDECOM, the police watchdog, was not directly involved in the investigations of the incident but was overseeing the Inspectorate of Constabulary as it conducted its probe.

He said there was more balance to the situation than what persons were reporting when they said that the police mishandled the woman. "The police had told the woman she was to be arrested and they were seeking to arrest her. Sometimes it's wiser not to resist, but be arrested," he said.

"The police didn't draw their weapons, they didn't threaten to shoot her, they didn't strike her with a baton and they didn't punch her. The officers were engaged in trying to force her into the vehicle once they had made the decision to arrest her, and so you are left with this shoving and pushing."


Officers at risk


Campbell pointed out that the police officers could have been at risk.

"They were carrying their guns with them, they turned their backs to the crowd, their pistols were available to be taken by anybody, and that's what I really was trying to demonstrate. Let us calmly assess this situation before indicting these two officers. We're quick to point out to the police where we think they are failing in the standards, and here is a video, ironically, which is not as stark as reported."

He advised that citizens must comply with the lawful instructions and orders of police officers and have the matter dealt with swiftly in the police station.

Campbell said that the woman in the video has made an official report to INDECOM and so far one witness has come forward.

The unidentified woman has been charged with resisting arrest, using indecent language, and unlawful wounding.