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Free Town Primary ready

Published:Monday | August 22, 2016 | 2:45 PMCecelia Campbell Livingston
Jacqueline Henry Hunter, vice-principal of Free Town Primary School in Clarendon.
It’s an early back to school for the grade one students.

Everything is in place for the new academic year at Free Town Primary, Clarendon. That's the assurance coming from Jacqueline Henry Hunter, vice-principal of the school.

For her, preparations go well beyond the physical surroundings of the school.

Come Thursday, there will be a staff-development meeting, where focus will be placed on behaviour-modification techniques.

"This involves dealing with difficult children or those who display inappropriate behaviour," said Henry Hunter, who stressed that they are taking a proactive approach to ensuring that they meet all the students' needs - both on a physical and emotional level.

Last year had its challenges with students, and for the new term, Henry Hunter said the approach will be to step up the training and information for teachers to deal with whatever situation may arise.

When The Gleaner arrived at the school yesterday, the grade-one students already started the new academic year. They were already into the first of their four-week, Grade One Individual Learning Profile.

The vice-princpal said there was just one drawback with the assessment: some parents had not yet sent out their children.

"Presently, we have 50 registered grade one students, but we only have 31 doing the assessment. Hopefully, by next Monday, we will have the full turnout," she said.

Commenting on other areas of preparation, she said they are totally covered.

"The classrooms, bathrooms and kitchen are in tip-top conditions," she said, adding that the janitors came one week earlier to facilitate the clean-up.