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SoHo opens Christmas Closet for donations to the needy

Published:Thursday | December 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
Managing director of SOHO, Michele Coulton (left), and Sharon Barrett, sales stylist, look at donations received from customers during the SoHo Christmas Closet annual event on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at Lee Gore Business Centre, 31 Upper Waterloo Road, Kingston.

This Saturday kickstarts what is expected to be a massive drive to gather women's clothing, for the annual SoHo Boutique Christmas Closet, which will hand over gifts to hundreds of young girls in state care.

SoHo is encouraging its clients and other members of the public to donate new or gently used clothing to be passed on, through the Child Development Agency (CDA), to people in need.

Michele Coulton, CEO at the boutique, reiterated their motto, 'It Doesn't Cost to Care', as she appealed to citizens to make an effort to give of their time and resources.

"So many women are at risk; there is so much need, really and truly, so if persons feel they have something out there that is new or gently used, please feel free to donate. We have no idea as to how these things come in handy to somebody else," she said.




"This is our fourth year, and we see how grateful they are when they are receiving these things, and it makes a difference. This is our passion, so at this time of the year, we do our best to do something special for those in need. It doesn't cost anything, it doesn't cost the giver anything, it's a win-win all around," Coulton continued.

She said despite the fact that Jamaica continues to battle with harsh economic conditions, persons should make it a priority to give to the less fortunate.

"It doesn't take a lot from each one of us to show some kindness and show a little care. As a country, we all experienced a hard year, but we can just take a moment every now and again to recognise that we have a lot of brothers and sisters around us who are going through a much more difficult time," she declared.

Karen Sankar, manager at the boutique, said the organisation has now added a mobile unit which facilitates pickup in case persons find it difficult to make their way to the boutique. She also stressed how important it is for persons to fill the many gaps that exist as it relates to people in need.

"Because of the economic climate of Jamaica, even people who have a job are finding it difficult to feed and clothe themselves, much less individuals who do not have that capability. The need is endless, so we are not turning anyone away," she said.

"The response over the years has really grown. Every year, we see more and more people coming on board because persons are beginning to see how serious it is out there. So, as you are celebrating with your family and friends, just don't forget that there may be persons out there who you can assist with the smallest item," Sankar said.

Members of the public will have until the end of January to drop off donations.

SoHo Boutique may be contacted at 925-0245.