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With whom can you identify this Easter? - Pastor

Published:Friday | April 14, 2017 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin
In keeping with the annual Easter tradition of re-enacting the Crucifixion, Hayden Augustine of the Missionaries of the Poor carries the cross along Beeston Street in Central Kingston yesterday. Across the globe, millions of Christians commemorated the death of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday.
Jennifer Richards with her granddaughter, Zuri-Chanel Thompson, at the Good Friday morning service at the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ.
Congregants worshipping at Good Friday service at the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) in Kingston.
The Reverend Dr Alton Tulloch serving the Eucharist at Good Friday service at St Michael’s Church on Windward Road in Kingston.
Ailen Walker searching the scripture at Good Friday service at St Michael’s Church on Windward Road in Kingston.

The yearly trek to church on Good Friday has not become a ritual for the Reverend Dr Alton Tulloch and members of St Michael's Church in Kingston. However, the pastor believes that the Easter period has lost its significance. He is urging persons to get back to focusing on the real meaning of the holy season.

"There is still some significance, but it has been downplayed. Now, it is more about entertainment. People are more focused on other things than the religious side of it. I passed an area not too long ago and people were revelling, and so I find that side (revelling) has taken some precedence," he told The Gleaner yesterday

"When we share in the suffering of the cross of Christ, we are also being raised to share in the resurrection. It is a time of renewal, hope and great joy for Christians and people across the world. We are affirming our faith in the power of the resurrection and the goodness of God, His love and His justice."




Kathleen Smith, a member of the church, said she, too, tries to keep her mind focused on the sacrifice Christ made for her many years ago.

"It's a time of reflection for me, where we look into ourselves and be kind to each other just as how Christ did. He made this big sacrifice, so we should also emulate Him as much as we can," she said.

At the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ, also in Kingston, Associate Pastor Gene Hylton issued a challenge to her members following a mini cantata which re-enacted the story of the death of Christ.

"Can we identify with Peter who denied Christ? I believe there are many of us who are still denying Christ. Or can we identify with Mary, who carried her son into this world and had to suffer through the agony of watching Him die?" Hylton questioned.

"Maybe some of us can identify with Pilate, who tried to wash his hand of certain responsibilities and was faced with a hard decision. Some of us today are faced with some hard decisions. Or can we identify with the convict, knowing very well that we deserve to die, and in that moment, came face to face with the Son of God and asked to be remembered when he comes into His Kingdom? With whom can you identify this morning? Think about it."