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Light on violence | Policymakers must be held accountable

Published:Monday | April 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMJason Cross

In expressing that parents must be held to greater accountability for the ills of their children, outspoken anthropologist, Dr Herbert Gayle, is urging that more support be given to them from a policymaker's standpoint.

He was addressing a special Gleaner forum on crime recently at the Medallion Hall Hotel in St Andrew, themed 'Light on Violence'.

Gayle likened the family to the workings of a heart, which constantly needs support so as to keep the body functioning properly. If those conditions are not satisfied, things tend to get sour.

"The issue is that the family must be seen like the way you examine a heart. A heart requires a certain amount of energy, which means that you have to eat food, and (so on), so the heart can be healthy to feed things back to the body," Gayle said.




He argued that even though parents should be held responsible, he does not feel that enough is being done by those in charge to create good parents.

He stressed that the only way to hold parents properly responsible is if the standards of good parenting are set and parents are sensitised.

Gayle stated, "The parents would be like a heart, and part of the problem is that most of the parents don't have what to give. A lot of the times people say, if you have good parenting and so forth, then things would be better. We have to also create good parenting in the first place.

"If you are going to charge parents, you, first of all, have to be accountable yourself, to the parents. In other words, if you give a parent nothing and then charge that parent because that parent produces (very little), that's unfair. But if you ensure that all parents (are on the same level) and they are producing (below), then you can charge such a parent," the adamant Gayle said.