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There is no ‘amusement’ in death – Lucea mayor

Published:Tuesday | April 18, 2017 | 11:27 AMBryan Miller


Lucea's mayor, Councillor Sheridan Samuels, wants the authorities to stop categorising permits that are granted to hold wakes as amusement licences, as, according to him, there is no amusement in death.

Samuels' concern comes against the background of an increase in the number of deaths in the parish, which have spiked because of an increasing number of murders and fatal traffic accidents.

"In my perusal of the minutes (of the corporation's monthly meeting) for March, I came upon a very interesting revelation under the item Amusement Licences. Of 51 amusement licence approvals for the month, the majority, 19, were for wakes caused by bloodshed or tragedy," said the mayor.

According to Samuels, of the 51 amusement licences granted in the parish over the period, 17 were for dances/parties, eight for birthday parties, and seven for bar and round-robin/dinner parties and other sales events.


"We cannot be happy to have a situation like this, where we are having amusement licences and we have the greater portion of it is for wakes," the mayor said.

Samuels added that, in his view, such a situation is nothing to rejoice over, especially against the background that most of the wakes are for persons who have died violently.

The mayor lamented the fact that persons can no longer gather in the town and exchange thoughts as they used to because of the upsurge in violence.

"Now we are actually afraid of going out, but if you want to feel a little safe, you have to go by the infirmary, next to the barracks where the soldiers based in the parish are stationed," said Samuels.

The mayor, who was at the forefront of the recent call for the redeployment of soldiers to the streets of Hanover, said he was yearning to see it return to the peace and tranquillity, which once made it the nation's safest parish.