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You have my love, not the votes, Smith-Facey tells Brown Burke

Published:Wednesday | July 26, 2017 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell

Calling her rival, Angela Brown Burke, "my sister", in the race to represent the People's National Party in St Andrew South West, councillor for the Payne Land Division Audrey Smith-Facey is expressing confidence that on Sunday, the majority of delegates will make her the party's standard bearer.

"My sister, Angela Brown Burke - we have always been on the battlefield on the same team - (you are) always welcome in the Payne Land division, only that this time, we are on opposing teams. She still has the love, not the votes," Smith-Facey quipped yesterday during what appeared to be friendly banter with her contender.

"We still love her, but just can't give her the votes this time around," she added.

Fielding questions from journalists yesterday at the People's National Party (PNP) headquarters on Old Hope Road in St Andrew, Brown Burke, a PNP vice-president said: "We are not enemies. We are just going up for member of parliament (MP) for South West St Andrew. There have been individuals who want to give the impression that we are at war. There is no war in my heart. There is only room for love and, at the end of the day, I live and abide by the voice of the people."


Portia's support


Brown Burke confirmed that former MP Portia Simpson Miller has pledged to support her in her quest to become MP for St Andrew South West.

However, Smith-Facey said she has received strong support from the people of St Andrew South West.

Quizzed to comment on an internal poll, which purportedly shows Smith-Facey ahead of her, Brown Burke said that a poll is a snapshot in time, noting that on July 30, the final results will be known - "and that is the poll that will count".

Smith-Facey told journalists that she wanted to continue the work that "Sister P started", in reference to Simpson Miller.

Zinc fence removal, infrastructural work and education are among the areas that Smith-Facey intends to focus on.

Brown Burke she says wants to build first-rate educational institutions, an activity started by Simpson Miller.