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Cabinet to get Cannabis regulations soon

Published:Monday | August 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The proposed regulations to govern the medicinal cannabis unit (MCU) that was established at the health ministry are now being finalised and will be submitted to Cabinet shortly.

At the same time, the ministry has reported that a total of 80 persons have been trained and certified to prescribe medical marijuana in Jamaica.

They include 39 physicians, 22 pharmacists, 17 employees of the National Council on Drug Abuse, and two scientific researchers.

Already, the ministry has registered nine medicinal cannabis products, including three it said were approved in June this year.

It said the proposed regulations will outline guidelines on the extraction of specific cannabis products for research and medicinal purposes where there is scientific evidence for the use of these substances for specific conditions.




In addition, the ministry said that the regulations will stipulate, among other things, who may recommend or prescribe medicinal cannabis.

The health ministry said the individuals who have been trained will be registered by the Government to prescribe medicinal marijuana in Jamaica, and their names will be shared with the Pharmacy Council and pharmacies islandwide. It revealed, too, that physicians with similar and verifiable training can apply to be registered.

"To be able to recommend or prescribe medicinal cannabis in Jamaica, registered physicians must first be certified in the use of medicinal cannabis," the ministry reminded in a statement released yesterday.

The training, which began last month with sessions in Kingston and Montego Bay, forms part of the ministry's role to regulate the medical marijuana industry.

The health ministry is responsible for the registration and regulation of all cannabis and cannabis-related products that are manufactured or imported for use in Jamaica. These also include hemp and all precursor products.