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Mourning Mickolle - Tears and rain as scores say farewell to teenager killed in ‘Jungle’

Published:Saturday | September 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
The pain was evident in the faces of the Meadowbrook High School students who turned out for the funeral of Mickolle Moulton yesterday.
A grief stricken Nickeisha Howell (centre) is comforted by Uline Gordon-Tyrell (left) and Roxanne Williams as she mourned the loss of her daughter, Mickolle Moulton, during yesterday's service of thanksgiving.

Five weeks after Mickolle Moulton was killed in her bed, the police appear no closer to finding her killers and her family and friends appear no closer to getting over her loss.

The pain was evident in the faces and voices of those who turned out for the funeral of the former Meadowbrook High School student at the Meadowbrook United Church in St Andrew yesterday.

Despite the threat of bad weather and the occasional showers, scores of persons turned out to pay final respects to the well-loved and brilliant former resident of Arnett Gardens in south St Andrew.

Chey-Ann Bloomfield, a second-form student at Meadowbrook, spoke of the helpfulness and compassion displayed by her senior schoolmate, Mickolle.

"She always used to tell us that things would be all right and that we are not to worry. Because I am fat, the boys normally trouble me. She would be the one to come and tell them to leave me alone.

"She was a very good friend. When I had my homework and didn't understand, I could go and say 'Mickolle, how do I do this'? But now mi no have Mickolle again to ask how to do this math (problem). No more Mickolle fi seh, 'come mek we tek a picture together'," said a very teary-eyed Chey-Ann.

"Even at the end of the term, she came to me to tell me that the types of friends I have are not the good ones to have, and she would take me and help me study. Now mi no have dat again because a di man dem without heart. Mickolle nuh do nuh body nothing," added Chey-Ann.

Mickolle's best friend, D'Andra McDonald, said since her passing a spell of depression has come her way. McDonald's father died from an illness a day before Mickolle, and D'Andra will never forget the support she got from her friend at that time.

"More like unbearable. Her personality was just peppy. She was indescribable, she was beautiful, a gem literally. She always looked out for people, even if you and her are not on good terms anymore, she would look out for you.

"On the Thursday I text her and said that Dad died. She was like, 'I am not going to cry, because I know that if I cry, you going to cry. So guess what, anything you need, you call me'. After that I fell asleep. Sunday morning after five, I got a call that she died. I just dropped the phone and I couldn't move," said D'Andra.

Moulton was murdered at home while in bed, in the section of Arnett Gardens dubbed 'Zimbabwe' on August 6.

Police reports were that Moulton was shot in the head and killed by an unknown assailant around 4:25 a.m. Her sister was shot and injured.

Since then, no one has come forward with sufficient and credible information that could help investigators find her killer, and the police are now putting together a reward for information through Crime Stop.

Superintendent in charge of the Kingston Western Police, Howard Chambers, told our news team that money should become available soon, to provide a kind of incentive scheme for persons to feel comfortable giving information that will help crack the case.

"There are no breakthroughs and no suspects. We have difficulty getting enough statements as we wanted. We are awaiting the scientific results from the lab, re the crime scene and all of that," said Chambers.

But already one resident has thrown cold water on that approach.

"It nah go yield no results because honestly, nobody really knows what happen other than maybe the mother, and she nah go talk, so it nuh mek sense," said the neighbour.