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Portland shakes off mud - Community spirit: Helping hands amid deadly floods

Published:Tuesday | January 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju/Gleaner Writer
Residents of Seaman's Valley in the Rio Grande Valley, Portland, yesterday, fixing a pipe that was affected by the flood rains in the parish.
Knee-deep in mud, this youngster's effort reflect the plight of people who need to get from Cornwall Barracks to Barry Hill in the Rio Grande Valley, Portland. The only roadway linking the two communities has been made impassible by a massive mudslide.

Cut off from the rest of Portland since Saturday when torrential rains triggered a massive landslide that blanketed the main road linking their community with Barry Hill, residents of Cornwall Barracks were yesterday still struggling to adjust to a life of isolation and dreading the likelihood of more showers.

High-school students, farmers, a taxi operator, as well as a cooking gas entrepreneur were among the residents of this eastern parish The Gleaner encountered during a visit to the marooned rural community.

However, with the only roadway into Barracks blocked off, community spirit was alive and well with these rural folks rallying to support each other in a strong show of love, respect and camaraderie.

In the nearby district of Seaman's Valley where flood rains wreaked havoc, community members were again united in taking the bull by the horns as they move full speed into recovery mode.