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Buy Jamaican for the right reason - JMA exec

Published:Friday | February 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM
This woman views a collection of babboo craft that were made in Jamaica.
In this file photo, Norman Wright managing director, Perishables Jamaica Limited, shows off his popular Jamaican teas at last year's Denbigh Agricultural Show.

Richard Coe director and treasurer of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association (JMA) has charged Jamaican consumers to take the time to check out the quality of local products so they can make an informed decision when they go to purchase things.

"We are not asking you to 'Buy Jamaican' simply because of nostalgia or nationalism. Rather, buy Jamaican because it is as good as, and even better than many imported products. Buy Jamaican because our quality and packaging are superior and can compete on any international stage.

"Buy Jamaican because of the multiplier effect which means more jobs for young Jamaican men and women and more disposable income for those employed, equivalent to more spending power for workers. It is an insurance policy for our children because we cannot continue to be a nation of importers," he told Tuesday's award ceremony for the Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica Student Video Competition in Kingston.

In partnership with the National Commercial Bank, the JMA launched the 'Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica Student Video Competition' last September as an excellent opportunity for tertiary students to apply their creative skills to the national education campaign, thereby expanding the drive to support local products.

"Congratulations on being a part of this important campaign and I hope that you are not only excited about winning $100,000, but even more so, about having your jingle help us in promoting our ultimate message: Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica."

Stanley Cole a student at Northern Caribbean University took the top prize, while University of the West Indies student Vicky-Ann Reynolds collected $30,000 for second place form a shortlist of six.

'Identify that passion or hobby and manufacturer it!'

Describing students who took the top prizes in the Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica Student Video Competition as some of the most creative and entrepreneurial minds in Jamaica, Richard Coe director and treasurer of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, urged the tertiary level students to transfer their knowledge and experience to the manufacturing sector, in pursuit of a successful career.

"Think about that skills set that you have been trained or qualified in and how this can be used to the benefit of a company to produce an item consumed globally," he told them. "Or think about that one thing you find yourself always making or using, that you are so passionate about, then start thinking about making that product for profit. The fact is manufacturing is limitless."

"Identify that passion or hobby and manufacturer it! When you are ready, call us. The JMA is anxious and fully equipped to help you," Coe appealed.

"We anticipate the innovations ahead that will result in creating jobs for yourselves and countless others, providing the opportunity to meet the dearth of employment among the nation's youth while developing the industry, and advancing the country's economy. Armed with this mindset, your potential is unlimited," he said.