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World-class installation the focus for Solar Buzz Jamaica

Published:Monday | April 23, 2018 | 12:00 AMSyranno Baines/Gleaner Writer
Representatives of Solar Buzz Jamaica (from left) Curtis Rolston, senior solar technician; Jason Robinson, CEO; Anthony Henry; and Janette Robinson, director, pose with the winning trophy for Expo Jamaica 2018 Exhibitor Award for Environmentally Friendly Exhibit Product at the JEA-JMA Expo Jamaica 2018 at the National Indoor Sports Centre and the National Arena on Sunday.

Energy Conservation company Solar Buzz Jamaica (SBJ) does not profess to be the cheapest option in the market. Instead, the Kingston-based operation prides itself that its top-quality installations are on par with global standards.

Founded in 2011, SBJ's focus is reducing its residential and commercial clients' energy costs through renewable energy systems and other energy-saving products.

The only solar company at Expo Jamaica 2018, SBJ, the recipient of the Exhibitor Award for Best Environmentally Friendly Product, told The Gleaner that while budgets for solar systems run anywhere from $1 million to tens of millions of dollars, functionality, longevity and massive savings are guaranteed.

"We're not competing on price," asserted SBJ CEO Jason Robinson.

"There are many horror stories of systems out there that have been installed that don't perform as promised, and it gives the industry a bad name. We have always been aware of that, so we have hired the best people, we have the best products available, and our focus has always been top-quality installations," Robinson told The Gleaner, adding that the systems usually come with a 25-year warranty.

"So it doesn't make sense to go cheap and it breaks down in a year. Commercial systems pay back for themselves in three to four years, and residential systems are paying back for themselves in five to seven years," Robinson advised.

"When we install the system for a home, we teach the family how to utilise and maximise solar. So we'll train the family and a staff that if it's cloudy, for instance, maybe that's not a good day to do heavy ironing or washing, etc. So if you can save those things for when the sun is out, you'll be getting free electricity and, therefore, you see our clients' JPS bills look like a step going down each month as the staff and the family learn to maximise the use of the solar system," explained Robinson.


SBJ installation procedures


For a residential system, SBJ will first request a client's monthly JPS bill, then they will conduct an analysis.

Thereafter, they set up a detailed site visit of the house, which, in most cases, usually ends up with them doing an energy audit for the client.

They then design a system and present a proposal that will present their cash payback, how it looks with a financial loan, the components they plan to install, the warranties for everything, the timeline and the benefits.