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Police foil car theft, arrest two suspects

Published:Monday | June 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM

A motorist was spared the nightmare of having to deal with the loss of a vehicle late last week when his stolen car was recovered within an hour of the incident and the perpetrators caught red-handed.

This was thanks to the car owner having Amber Shield feature installed and activated at the time of the attempted theft, disclosed Amber Connect Limited in a recent press release.

The company reported that Amber Shield's Sentry Artificial Intelligence alert system was triggered when the would-be thieves started tampering with the vehicle and the customer immediately notified of a possible intrusion.

"The notification call-back feature of the device allowed the client to listen in to the vehicle, whereupon he heard the voices of the perpetrators, confirming for him that the car had indeed been stolen," Amber Connect said.

When Amber Connect's 24/7 support team received confirmation of the theft, they immediately sprang into action, alerting the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). Amber Connect provided the JCF with real-time live GPS tracking of the car, which allowed them to pinpoint its exact location while it was travelling along Mandela Highway, the company revealed.

Following activation of Amber Connect's engine shutdown facility, officers from the JCF were able to intercept the vehicle and apprehend two suspects after the car came to a stop near Calabar Mews on Red Hills Road in St Andrew. The entire incident lasted no more than one hour from the moment that tampering was first detected, according to Amber Connect.

"We are elated that Amber Connect was able to assist our client and the Jamaica Constabulary Force in foiling this attempted theft," said Brian Tulloch, Amber Connect Jamaica's general manager.

"The rapid response, mobilisation of our support team, and the early alert notifications of our Amber Shield Artificial Intelligence system were [critical] to the success of this recovery.

"This once again demonstrates that not only does our system protect your car in your absence when activated, it also uses cutting-edge technology to act as an invisible sentry that alerts you when a security threat to your vehicle occurs," added Tulloch.