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Uchence Gang Trial

Uchence Gang Trial | Witness recounts teen rape, shooting

Published:Friday | March 8, 2019 | 12:00 AM

A Crown witness yesterday testified that reputed gang leader Uchence Wilson and his alleged crony Michael ‘Judge’ Lamont had sexual intercourse with a 19-year girl who begged them not to impregnate her as she wanted to continue her education.

The witness, who is a former gang member, was testifying in the trial of Wilson and his 23 alleged gang members at the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

He said that this incident happened at a house in Kellits, Clarendon, where they attempted to steal a minibus that they believed would have been of interest to accused Donovan Cole.

According to the witness, he, along with Wilson, Lamont and Fitroy Scott, saw the vehicle parked outside of a two-storey house.

He said Wilson then instructed Lamont to inspect the vehicle, but soon after, a man who claimed to be the owner of the vehicle raised an alarm and warned them to stay away from the bus.

The former gang member said that Wilson then entered the premises and he and Lamont found their way into the house.

The witnesss said Scott became concerned about the length of time the men were away and so sent him to go find out what happened.

He said when he went into the house, he saw Wilson having sex with the teenager. The witness said Wilson asked him, “You want a piece?” but he said “no”. He said Lamont then proceeded to have sex with her.

The former gang member said they fled the house when they heard gunshots being fired outside.

He said they stole an old laptop.

Before that incident, the witness said they conducted a robbery at another house in the community.

He said that at the other location, Wilson and Lamont held a man at gunpoint and forced the door open after several attempts.

The witness said that when he and his former gang members entered the house, they found the man’s wife in a bedroom.

According to the former gang member, Wilson and Lamont beat the man, demanding money, citing that they were aware he had just returned from overseas.

Subsequently, the witness said the homeowner retrieved a machete from under his bed and attempted to chop Wilson, but the reputed gang leader shot him three times in the foot.

The former gang member said that the woman begged her husband to give Wilson the money and he eventually relented.

When he handed over the money, the witness said the man put up a fight and was shot in the abdomen by Lamont.

The witness said that they fled the scene with mobile phones, laptop and some cash.