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Uchence Gang Trial | Former gangster outlines hierarchy of Uchence Wilson Gang

Published:Tuesday | March 12, 2019 | 12:00 AMNickoy Wilson/Gleaner Writer

A former member of the Uchence Wilson Gang yesterday gave details about the leadership structure of the criminal organisation as the trial for Wilson and his 23 alleged cronies continued at the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

Identifying Uchence Wilson as the gang leader, he said Wilson would give instructions as to where and when they would carry out robberies, who would go to the respective robberies, who would get guns, as well as how much ammunition would be needed.

Giving testimony via video link from an undisclosed location for the fourth day, the witness said co-accused Dane Edwards took directives from Wilson on who to shoot.

The former gang member said that Michael ‘Judge’ Lamont, Sheldon ‘Bella’ Christian and a man only known as Jason or ‘B13’ stored guns used by the gang when they carried out robberies.


He also testified that Kenith ‘Blacks’ Wynter and Keron ‘Tall Man’ Walters helped to drive stolen vehicles and to pull them apart.

According to the witness, Donovan Cole gave orders for vehicles, while Cornel ‘Bredda’ White used to help sell stolen car parts.

The former gang member said Lamont and one of Fitzroy Scott’s cousins used to help to ‘stick up’ people.

He told the court that Wilson’s girlfriend, Shantol Gordon, who is also on trial, used to sell stolen goods and pick up guns, while Devin Taylor was the designated driver.

The witness described Scott as the “spotter man”, whose duty it was to scout robbery targets.

Before that, the witness testified that guns were handed over to accused cop, Detective Corporal Lloyd Knight, after the gang conducted a robbery in St Mary.

The witness said that he knew it was Knight, as he had previously met him near Portia Simpson Miller Square in Kingston. He said on that occasion, he handed over money and phonecards stolen from a shop.

He said that this incident was not included in his statement to law enforcement.

The trial resumes today at 2 p.m.