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Demise of ‘Pinky’ a major success – Supt Ellis

Published:Saturday | March 23, 2019 | 12:00 AMAdrian Frater/News Editor

Western Bureau:

The death of top-flight St James gangster, 23-year-old Amoy ‘Pinky’ Young, who was killed in a confrontation with the police in Granville on Thursday, is being hailed by the police as a major breakthrough in its effort to neutralise dangerous criminals, who are said to be the principal drivers of the murderous violence plaguing St James.

Young, who allegedly escaped several confrontations with the police, was described as the leader of the Granville-based MS13 Gang by Superintendent Vernon Ellis, the commanding officer for the St James Police Division.

According to Ellis, like the Central American gang, from which it adopted its name, the gangsters, led by Young, believed in utilising guerilla tactics against their rivals.

“He (Young) was wanted for rape, a series of murders, wounding with intent and shooting at the police, among other crimes committed in Granville,” said Ellis. “The gang he formed and was leading is a breakaway faction of the Big Yard Gang, which is based in the Gordon Crescent section of Granville.”

While Young’s gang is said to have adopted its name from the infamous MS13, which is primarily based in Honduras, Ellis said the police have not seen any intelligence to suggest any linkages between both gangs. However, he said that the weapons gang members used suggested an international link.

“They use a lot of guerilla tactics, and they are known to use mostly high-powered rifles,” said Ellis. “We have no doubt that this man (Young) was one of the most feared violence producers in the parish, and while we would prefer if these guys would surrender when they are confronted, they are giving us little choice but to respond with deadly force.”


In breaking down the various confrontations that Young has had with the police since he came to prominence, Ellis listed the following.

January 2018, the police tried to capture him but, following an intense firefight, he escaped leaving an MI rifle, an AK-47, and an assortment of ammunition behind. July 2018, he foiled another attempt to capture him and fled, leaving one Glock 40 handgun and a Smith and Wesson pistol with 68 rounds of ammunition.

In yet another attempt to capture him in October 2018, a Bushmaster rifle was seized after he initially engaged the police before escaping.

“In our operations aimed at capturing this man (Young), we have seized a total of six firearms, including three rifles and more than 300 rounds of ammunition,” said Ellis. “We are providing all these details because we want the public to know the type of men we have out there committing serious crimes.”

Ellis called on the families of known gangsters to hand them over to the police so that the justice system can determine their guilt or innocence.