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RJRGLEANER Group brightens up Golden Age Home cluster

Published:Friday | May 24, 2019 | 12:30 AM

Members of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, accompanied by the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston and Optimum Trading, gave a facelift to Cluster C of The Golden Age Home in Kingston, the paint job sparking bright smiles from the residents.

The communications giant has adopted Cluster C since 1985.

Group Chief Executive Officer Gary Allen, who did some painting himself, explained that RJRGLEANER’s adoption of the cluster represented a year-round commitment and not just a symbolic Labour Day display.

“We are here at Easter and we are here at Christmas, and we have gotten more and more people involved since the [RJRGLEANER] merger,” he said.

Attesting to the all-year-round support the Home receives from the Group was community outreach officer Norma Brown Bell, who asserted that “Labour Day is an everyday thing for us”.

“We are always here. We could just be passing by and come over to drop off bottles of water. We take them on trips,” said Norma Brown Bell, a vintage voice on RJR 94. “We have taken them to the Rockfort Mineral Bath on numerous occasions. Things that they specially need, we try and provide. An ironing board and an iron were missing, so we delivered that to them today.”

She added: “We painted the interior and exterior. We started painting the dormitories, but inside, some of them need major fixing. Those things are going to be done by the professionals. The Kiwanis team has offered to do that in the next two weeks.”

Bell thanked the Sandals Foundation, LASCO, and Ammar’s for their support.