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The PNP is alive - Lisa Hanna says ‘One PNP’ stands firm with president Peter Phillips

… Lisa Hanna says ‘One PNP’ stands firm with president Peter Phillips

Published:Sunday | June 30, 2019 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott- Gleaner Writer
Lisa Hanna

Lisa Hanna, spokesperson for the Dr Peter Phillips-led ‘One PNP, Powerful Together’ camp in the leadership race for the political party, said that in the coming weeks, the campaign would intensify as it looks to consolidate support around the under-pressure People’s National Party (PNP) president.

Hanna, who described last Thursday’s launch of the campaign at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston as successful, said that it was only a taste of what was to come as the group shifts gears, with Jamaica House in sight.

“The Comrades came out in their numbers: Comrades representing the history of the movement and Comrades representing the future of this movement. Everyone came out in support of Dr Peter Phillips. As we continue, I am saying that there will be even more on board,” she said.

“People left there (the launch) understanding that the PNP is alive and that there has been, somehow, an organised attempt at the underground level to propagandise a narrative which really is not true.”

At a special delegates’ conference on September 7, Phillips will face Peter Bunting, who is challenging him for leadership of the 81-year-old political party.

Show of solidarity

Hanna noted that Thursday’s massive show of solidarity with Phillips by the delegates was likely to increase as campaign activities roll out.

Hanna, who is the member of parliament for South East St Ann, said that Phillips would be saying more on the campaign trail about the plans to continue to modernise the PNP.

More details could come as soon as his next big stop, which Gleaner sources say might be mid-week.

The camp said that it is taking nothing for granted, and the ‘One PNP’ team will be out to secure the votes of the delegates of the party to cement Phillips as president.

Natalie Neita has been named the campaign manager.