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MMC Fraud Trial | Defence requests more time before tackling MOCA witness

Published:Wednesday | July 10, 2019 | 12:26 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer

Mandeville, Manchester:

There was an early adjournment of the multimillion-dollar Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud trial yesterday, following a request by the defence counsel for more time.

This postponed the cross-examination of the deputy superintendent attached to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), who gave testimony on Monday and was expected to retake the stand yesterday.

The defence said that additional time was needed to seek instructions from their clients and make reviews before cross-examining the witness, who was part of a 2016 MOCA and Financial Investigations Division joint raid at the home of Sanja Elliott, the former deputy superintendent of roads and works at the local authority.

Other witnesses could not be called as none of the more than 30 persons left to take the stand were on standby, resulting in an adjournment.

In the meantime, the prosecution and defence remain at odds over documents. Missing files and accusations of a failure to disclose items admitted or being sought to be admitted into evidence are among the myriad of issues.

Parish Judge Ann-Marie Grainger has suggested that a meeting be had outside of court to iron out these issues.

Grainger said it looks quite possible that the trial may go up to November. It is expected that the trial will continue daily during the week before breaking for the entire month of August. It will resume for select days in September, October and beyond, if necessary.