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NWU endorses Bunting for PNP leader

Published:Monday | July 15, 2019 | 12:14 AM

The Peter Bunting-led Rise United last night bagged the endorsement of the leadership of the National Workers' Union (NWU).

Granville Valentine, the vice-president of the PNP-affiliate union, told Comrades at the Manchester High School in Mandeville during the launch of Bunting’s campaign that he was convinced that Bunting could take the party to victory.

According to Valentine, he had taken a back seat because he wasn’t impressed with the direction of the party.

But with Bunting stepping up to challenge Dr Peter Phillips for the presidency, all that has changed.

He disclosed that Bunting met with the leadership, the delegates, and workers’ affiliates with the union to hear their issues.

Valentine said Bunting would look out for the workers and has promised to champion issues facing them as he prepares to take over leadership of the PNP.

“We are supporting, not because of how him look, not because of how him sound, but because of what he stands for. He stands for rights and justice. He stands for the workers,” Valentine said, standing with members of the leadership of the union by his side.

Valentine pledged to work with Bunting as he saw him as an avenue to secure workers’ rights.

“In spite of all things, the NWU, and its leadership and its delegates and the workers fully endorse Peter Bunting for leader of this noble movement. We will walk the walk with him. We will go miles with him through the highways, the byways, the valleys, and the sea,” the union leader said.