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Undecided, unknown stand firm in PNP leadership race - One PNP welcomes women support

Published:Friday | August 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Four People’s National Party (PNP) members of parliament (MP) have remained firmly on the undecided fence, opting not to offer public support for either of the two presidential candidates seeking to lead the party in the September 7 elections.

The four are Dr Fenton Ferguson (St Thomas Eastern); Richard Azan (Clarendon North West); Victor Wright (Trelawny North); and Evon Redman (St Elizabeth North Eastern).

None of the four has offered public support for incumbent Dr Peter Phillips or challenger Peter Bunting.

Although they have remained non-committal and elusive for interviews, Gleaner sources say that three are likely supporters of one camp. The source was unwilling to say which camp.

Meanwhile, the One PNP team of Phillips has announced that the women of the party have thrown their support behind Phillips. The women support also includes that of the Women’s Movement headed by Jennifer Edwards.

“I am standing with Dr Peter Phillips because he is our leader and the prime minister that Jamaica needs now. He is a man of the highest integrity and one we all can trust,” Edwards said.


ONE PNP- Peter Phillips


Phillip Paulwell

Natalie Neita – campaign chairman

Wykeham McNeill

Mikael Phillips

Dwayne Vaz

Lisa Hanna

Dr Morais Guy

Denise Daley

Anthony Hylton


RISE UNITED - Peter Bunting

Mark Golding - campaign chairman

Dr Dayton Campbell- campaign manager

Angela Brown-Burke-campaign director

Robert Pickersgill -

Ian Hayles

Luther Buchanan

Colin Fagan

Michael Stewart

Ronnie Thwaites

Derrick Kellier

Noel Arscott



Joan Gordon-Webley

Valrie Neita -Robertson

Dr Shane Alexis

Wavel Hinds

Andre Hylton

Valentine Wint

Ewan Stephenson

Senators – Have no delegates, except where they are caretakers!

Senate, Women’s group go with Phillips – One PNP


Cannot declare as part of secretariat:

Fitz Jackson – PNP chairman

Horace Dalley – deputy chairman

Julian Robinson – general secretary

Senator Wensworth Skeffery –deputy general secretary.

Basil Waite - deputy general secretary


Top 10 constituencies with most delegates!

Westmoreland Western, Dr Wykeham McNeill – 129

St Andrew East Central, Dr Peter Phillips -108

St Andrew South West, Dr Angela Brown- Burke- 105

Mancheter, Central, Peter Bunting -80

Westmoreland Central, Duane Vaz -78

St Catherine North Western, Robert Pickergill -76

St Thomas Eastern, Dr Fenton Ferguson -74

St Andrew South East Julian – Robinson- 74

Clarendon South West – Arscott-74

St James, Central – Andre Hylton (caretaker) -66

Kingston, Eastern and Port Royal, Phillip Paulwell – 52.