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Manchester MC Fraud Trial | Elliott’s net worth estimated at $255m

Published:Wednesday | November 20, 2019 | 12:47 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer

A financial forensic examiner from the Financial Investigations Division (FID) revealed yesterday that in his capacity as a lead investigator in the multimillion-dollar Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud trial, he calculated the net worth of one of the accused to be $255 million.

Tasked with the responsibility of investigating the financial status of five of the accused, Desmond Robinson revealed that former deputy superintendent of roads and works at the corporation, Sanja Elliott, had assets in his name and those of immediate relatives, including his parents.

Robinson said that at their acquisition cost, all of these assets, in addition to six motor vehicles, were estimated at $255 million. He said there was liability of $7 million from two outstanding loans as at 2016.

The financial forensic examiner further revealed that from January 2008 to Elliott’s arrest in 2016, he found legitimate income of less than $15 million.

The prosecution applied to have a report admitted into evidence, but there were several objections as the defence maintained that the document was not what was purported to be. They also complained that there was no signature appended and that it had not been properly served on the defence.

Presiding judge Ann-Marie Grainger suggested that the prosecution and defence comb through the report to ascertain what parts were not properly disclosed and should be redacted.

At the start of the matter, Grainger admitted into evidence a number of documents, including sale agreements and cheques that formed part of the examiner’s investigation.

The prosecution said that they are seeking to determine whether Elliott’s purchases were made with legitimate funds.

Robinson is expected to return to the witness stand today to complete his testimony as the matter continues in the Porus court.