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Port Royal turns into party central

Published:Saturday | January 18, 2020 | 12:00 AM
An aerial view of the seawalk floating pier at the Old Coal Wharf site on Friday during a media sensitisation tour. The pier will welcome the Marella Discovery 2 cruise ship on Monday, January 20.
Professor Gordon Shirley (left), president and CEO of the Port Authority of Jamaica, in dialogue with William Tatham, vice-president of cruise shipping, on Friday.

The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) will on Monday host passengers of the cruise ship Marella Discovery 2 at an exclusive event at Fort Charles, where they will get a chance to sample Jamaican food, drinks and culture after exploring a number of the country’s attractions.

The event is scheduled to coincide with the return of passengers from a mix of prebooked activities such as visits to the Bob Marley Museum, Emancipation Park, Kingston Craft Market, Blue Mountain, as well as those who might want to explore the seaport town or engage in other activities.

During this time, the old fort will be transformed into party central for the visitors, who will get an opportunity to engage with local cooks as they sample island fare while being exposed to other aspects of Jamaican culture.

“It will be party vibes here on Monday when passengers begin to return from tours or wherever they may have gone. They can either visit Fort Charles or mill around, but from 4-7 p.m., it’s is going to be a great party experience,” Assistant Vice-President of Marketing Communications Kimberly Stiff explained.

For this event, the PAJ has received strong support from corporate Jamaica, as well as small and medium-size entrepreneurs to deliver an authentic Jamaican vibe, Stiff added.

With the ship set to depart at 8 p.m., there will be strict adherence to the start and close times and patrons are advised to park at Fort Rocky, from where they will be shuttled. The PAJ has advised that all media personnel must be accredited by its marketing communications team and persons without the requisite certification will not be allowed on to the premises.