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SDC fighting COVID-19 for the elderly

Published:Saturday | April 25, 2020 | 12:19 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau

The Social Development Commission (SDC) in Hanover has stepped up its involvement in the fight to keep the parish of Hanover COVID-19 free.

The organisation has deployed a team of volunteers to assist the vulnerable across the parish. “Our support to the elderly is basically medical care assistance and this is a big one for us. If the person needs to go to the doctor, the SDC will arrange for transportation for that person to go to the doctor and back. The SDC will take on that responsibility if the person is over 70 years old and ill and need to see a doctor urgently. We will get transportation to take that person to and from the doctor and we will pay for that,” said Mashario Bisasor, the SDC Hanover parish manager.

Collaborative approach

While emphasising that the SDC does not have a large budgetary allocation to deal with a range of issues, Bisasor said that it was a collaborative approach that made the monetary support possible.

“This is where the Community Development Committees (CDCs) are very critical, as we are now partnering with the various CDCs within the parish… they have been very active in delivering care packages to the vulnerable and aged… we have also, through our inter-agency network, partnered with various health personnel, who have volunteered their time when they are not at work,” noted Bisasor.

The SDC official pointed out that since the Government has issued the stay-at-home directives for senior citizens, the Hanover SDC has assisted some 16 persons with doctors’ visits and medication.

“What we have realised is that many of these vulnerable persons, if it was not for this corona pandemic, we would not have known that these persons should have visited the doctor, so this is somewhat of an opportunity, even in these trying times, it is an opportunity for us to go out there and help these persons,” said Bisasor.

The SDC executive also pointed out that this new assistance, focusing on the elderly, is being carried out by the agency alongside its core responsibilities.

“We continue to support the efforts that the Government is putting forward, by promoting personal hygiene and social distancing in public spaces, especially in our markets and town centres,” he said.

Bisasor said that the SDC has established a helpline through its Lucea office, where it can be contacted with information on elderly persons who need assistance. The agency can be reached at 876-956-2548.