Mon | May 17, 2021

15-y-o creates CSEC resource website

Published:Sunday | May 17, 2020 | 8:40 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer

A website has been launched to assist students preparing for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, offering resource materials for several subjects and an interactive forum for discussion.

The creator, 15-year-old Campion College student, Jordan Hewitt, says the website is already being used by schoolmates and other students in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

An avid reader, poet, prosaic writer, and athlete, Jordan’s achievements over the years, academically and otherwise, have made his parents, Ricardo and Velissa Hewitt, proud.

They recognised his potential from he was attending United Learning Centre in St Ann and have always encouraged and supported his endeavours.

Quelpr would, therefore, not be a surprise to them. In fact, Quelpr was born from discussions between Jordan and his dad after he, last year, expressed a desire to take on a philanthropic project.

Now a reality, Quelpr is assisting students who have been forced to undertake classes at home after the mass closure of schools by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I thought that, with technology, everybody is online, so I thought a website would be the best way to reach everybody,” Jordan told The Gleaner from his St Ann home.

“Personally, there have been lots of times when I would want to do research or read ahead, based on my syllabus, and I couldn’t find a website that really had all of that resource material.”

Introduced to the world via an impressive YouTube video, Quelpr, according to Jordan, is a resource hub, primarily for 10th-graders, for the sciences, English and maths. Other subjects and other grade levels are to be added as time goes by.


“There is also a forum where you can pose questions and discuss topics with like-minded students. We also have a chat that you can reach other people over the website as well. You can also request to have material created, you can request to have study reviews created. I just wanted Quelpr to be an all-in-one place for resource and discussion,” said Jordan, an aspiring microbiologist.

Jordan’s parents are delighted that he has embarked on a project with the potential to assist thousands of students across Jamaica and the Caribbean.

“I’m so proud. He never fails to amaze me,” Mrs Hewitt said.

“... He’s a thinker, a problem solver, he works hard. When I see the amount of work, the hours that he spent dedicated to this, it’s very inspirational.”

Dad Ricardo, in the meantime, expects more in the years to come.

“He would have done other things in the past to offer assistance and he would have also, from an early age, been writing stories.

He actually was at one point on WordPress uploading his stories, that was his first website creation where he would have posted nature pictures, as well as his stories,” Mr Hewitt said.