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Live-stream dream - COVID-19 opens new doors for real-time viewership

Published:Monday | May 11, 2020 | 12:23 AMJudana Murphy/Gleaner Writer
Apeiron Digital Pro General Manager Nicholas Cummings managing a live-streamed production.
Apeiron Digital Pro General Manager Nicholas Cummings managing a live-streamed production.

When Rolando Nooks’ father passed away three years ago, his sister was unable to travel for the funeral and made one request of him. Using his mobile phone, the Jamaican streamed the service live for his sibling to view.

“I was leaning into this direction for many years, but that was the final straw that said, ‘I should turn this into a business’,” he told The Gleaner.

Now, in COVID-era Jamaica, this viewing experience is becoming the new normal for families whose grieving and closure have been blocked by a ban on public gatherings of more than 10 as part of coronavirus containment strategies.

Nooks, who is CEO of the Live Team Stream (, expanded his Atlanta, United States-based business to Jamaica in October 2019.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, he has streamed numerous funerals in the US and has received a notable number of requests from Jamaican families and funeral homes.

“We are working with the different funeral homes to figure out an affordable cost because funeral services are often costly to families,” Nooks said.

Nooks explained that the all-inclusive service also allows for people tuning in to offer tributes during the service.

“The content also stays on whichever social-media platform that the family member wants it to be live on,” he said.

Funerals aside, the company also live-streams weddings and conferences, among other events.


Meanwhile, with live entertainment events cancelled, Apeiron Digital Pro ( has been helping local brands to find creative ways to keep their customers engaged while maintaining safety.

Amid the pandemic, it has executed digital campaigns and events for various companies, the latest one being the concert series ‘Digicel Unplugged’.

Apeiron has been operating in the digital production space for well over five years, producing content for weddings, corporate events, and graduations.

“With what is happening now and how this pandemic is likely to affect brand communication and life in general moving forward, we realise that the need for live-streaming and other digital production services is likely to continue growing as more and more companies adapt to the changing times,” said CEO Adam Cummings.

He said that safety is a concern but that his team is taking all precautions to remain COVID-free.

The team wears masks, uses hand sanitiser regularly, and maintains a social distance of six feet as much as possible.

“It is a different way of working, but we have adapted nicely and, so far, are delivering well for our clients,” Cummings shared.