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Tomlinson reports Cuthbert Flynn to ombudsman

Published:Tuesday | August 4, 2020 | 12:24 AM

The People’s National Party’s caretaker for St Andrew West Rural, Krystal Tomlinson, reported Member of Parliament Juliet Cuthbert Flynn to Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown over an alleged incident in the constituency on the weekend,

Tomlinson said that on Saturday, a vehicle was in the constituency broadcasting her Emancipation Day message when Cuthbert Flynn reportedly used her vehicle to block its path.

Tomlinson charged that it was “unbecoming” of the sitting MP to obstruct the driver, who was acting on behalf of her campaign.

She is asking Parchment Brown to investigate the incident to see if the political code of conduct was breached, specifically the sections that speak to non-intimidation, avoidance of confrontation and freedom of access.

Cuthbert Flynn declined to comment on Tomlinson’s allegations last night, saying only that she was merely parking her car.

But she fired back, saying that Tomlinson needed to explain how she used state machinery to promote a partisan message.

On the weekend, Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie condemned Tomlinson for allowing political messages to be broadcast from the vehicle, which bore the logo of the state-run Social Development Commission (SDC).

“What she needs to do is say why it is that the car with the SDC (logo) was carrying her political message through West Rural St Andrew and she is not a part of the Government,” Cuthbert Flynn told The Gleaner last night.