Fri | Oct 23, 2020

When should Andrew call it?

Published:Thursday | August 6, 2020 | 12:29 AM
Gloria Allen
Gloria Allen

For what date should Prime Minister Andrew Holness announce the next general election, and why? Tivoli Gardens residents give their take.

Gloria Allen

“For now, down in next year, maybe about April, May, June. I don’t want it for this year. The state that the country in now, that’s not really relevant. The country want to come back together. With COVID and ZOSO and the soldiers out, them have to pull them in to have an election, and crime will start reign.”

Ryan Brown

“The country nuh really need it right now because we are in the middle of a pandemic, so maybe when him find a vaccine. It’s not really safe. We don’t need it now on the island.”

Shevarne Edwards

“Anytime him want to call it, him just call it, cause him don’t do anything for me. It’s not my business that. A God me worship. That’s my business.”

Pamella Burke

“When God gives him the vision to call it, him call it. That works for me.”

Christalee Jarrett

“Election should take place in next year because Jamaicans don’t abide by any rules, so the corona cases will rise. I think the prime minister should finalise a date in next year. I can’t say a specific date because corona unpredictable.”

Marcia Watson

“I wouldn’t want it call in December because that’s around Christmas time, so in November, November 21. Twenty-one is my Cash Pot number.”

Christopher Dennis

“Me want him call it for September 3, on my birthday, because they won on my birthday the last time when them win in 2007.”

Carl Henry

“It’s not necessary with COVID and everything that’s happening right now. The Government is doing good. If you change the Government, the crime thing is going to be different.”

Mark Johnson

“October 30. Seaga won 1980, October 30, and I think the prime minister will do it for Seaga. Him a guh do it for him boss.”

Earl Blair

“The ending of October or the beginning of November. For me, Labourite is doing what they are suppose to do – dismantling crime and violence – and they are getting rid of corruption. They have done great thus far, so I think that’s the most suitable time.”

Joshnhiey Heron

“October time, around Heroes Day. We are basically celebrating National Heroes Day and get to vote in a new prime minister at the same time.”

Victoria Parnell

“Him must call national election next year because of the coronavirus that is going on because they need social distancing at the election polls, and most people ain’t abiding by the social-distance rule, so it would be foolish to have the election this year as it would make the corona spread faster.”