Sat | Dec 5, 2020

We remain independent, fair

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2020 | 12:14 AM

On Tuesday, October 20, the board of Radio Jamaica Limited, the parent company of the entities in the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, met and discussed public discourse surrounding Chairman Joseph Matalon’s endorsement of Mark Golding in the contest for leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP).

Prior to recusing himself from the meeting, Matalon advised the board that he was giving support to a friend and colleague of more than 30 years and would have done so irrespective of the political party he was involved with. He made it clear he was not representing the RJRGLEANER Group and he was not endorsing a political party.

The board deliberated on the matter and agreed that Matalon, as a non-executive chairman, was clearly speaking in a personal or business capacity.

The RJRGLEANER board was led in this meeting by Deputy Chairman Dr Lawrence Nicholson and it reaffirmed the independence, fairness ,and professionalism of the editorial arms of Radio Jamaica, Television Jamaica, and The Gleaner, which will not endorse political parties or candidates in any election.

It was noted that the group has a diverse 13-member board, which is guided by robust governance principles, is committed to journalistic integrity, accountability, and meeting the credible information needs of our advertisers, listeners, readers, and viewers.